Virtual Box 7 on Win 10 2022H2 - Mint 21

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes
  • Download Virtual Box for Windows on this page
  • Download the VirtualBox Extension Pack on the same page
  • Install Virtual Box on Windows
  • Launch Virtual Box
  • In the Tools palette, on the right-hand side, click on the green "+ Install" button and install the Extension Pack
  • Download a Mint 21 .iso file from here.
    Obviously, this could be any other ISO (Windows, Debian...)
  • In VirtualBox press CTRL + A to add a new VM, select the previous .iso file etc.
  • Run the VM
    • You will tune the details later
  • You may have some issues with the screen resolution but install the OS first
  • Once installed reboot the VM
  • Once logged in, open the CD and install the Guest Additions (VBox_GAs stands for VirtualBox Guess Additions. See below)
  • Once installed, you can set the resolution
  • Voilà !

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